The JRCC East Thornhill, led by Rabbi Mendel and Chanie Zaltzman, opened its new building in the summer of 5776. The building’s library is dedicated in memory of the Zaltzman’s son Meir Shlomo a"h, as a space that is enjoyed and cherished by children on an ongoing basis. The extended family supported and sponsored this project.

Today, the books of Shloimele's Library are enjoyed by visiting children on Shabbat and Holidays, and borrowed on a weekly basis by children from the community and Hebrew School.

With a new partnership with MyShliach, Shloimele’s Library has expanded to cater to young Shluchim all around Canada with mailing books.



Shloimele's Library is designed to engage families with a vast selection of books that represent traditional Jewish values. It is a community jewel that inspires visitors to interact and grow together, in a warm environment of discovery and learning. A place children and teens can call their very own.