Book Return

There is a Book Return Slot at the entrance of the Centre (call in for the door to be opened).

Account Login

You can now login to your account on this website:

- See your loaned books and their due date
- Reserve a book, through browsing the library online.

Login: Your last name
Password: Your city (you may change your password after you're logged in)

Library Browser

An amazing feature of our library - You can browse our books online.
Click here for the regular search browser
Click here for the child friendly search browser

At the Library, you can search for a book using your phone with Free WiFi on premises
Login: Guest_JRCC_East_Thornhill
Password: iloveJRCC 

Overdue Books

You will get an email notice for overdue books.
Here is a reminder that the fee for overdue books is $0.25 per book, per day.



You can email us at [email protected] to renew your book for 7 days. (Books can be renewed up to two times.) 


Reserving books for Mailing

1. Go to our library's website:

2. Login by entering your library username (Last Name) and password (City)

3. Click Search and then click Standard. You can specify your search by author, title or subject or anywhere.
Now you will see a picture of the book you chose with a red, yellow and green box underneath. Make sure that there is a number one or higher in the green box which indicates that the book is available.

4.Click the picture of the book you want to reserve.
Now you will see all the information about the book you chose.

5. Click reserve on the top left.
Now you will see a list of the books you are reserving.

6. Click reserve again in the middle of the screen.

7. Go back to step 3 to reserve more books.
At step 4, you will also see similar books to the one you chose. If you want to reserve those, click on the picture of the book and follow the same steps.

There is no confirmation for your reservations but you can see them by clicking My File and then My Requests.