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Kiddush Menu

Kiddush menu sample:

More options:

3 large salmon fish
Large Fresh Salad
Pasta salad
Vinegrette Salad
Sushi Salad
Egg salad
Pareve Chulent
Paper-goods & waitress

Individual Challah buns
Smoked fish platter, Herring or Shushi
Meat Cholentz
Deli platter
chicken fingers
Fruit platter
Linen tablecloth & napkins
Nice paper-goods

Please note:
1. The price for this Kiddush menu is $500. It is based on 50 adults & 20 kids. If you plan on bringing additional guests please discuss it with us.

2. Alcohol needs to be bought by the sponsor, above the menu price.
3.The Kiddush can be upgraded with more items, listed above, contact us for pricing. (no extra items can be added before the base Kiddush cost is covered).
4. A sponsor can choose to be a "co-sponsor of a Kiddush" for $250. The Shul will handle the balance.

All Kiddushim are catered by our in house caterer (Moshe of Yosef Mokir Shabbos). No outside food can be brought in.
We follow the highest standard of Kashrut (Cholov Yisroel, Bishul Yisrael, Pas Israel, Lubavitch Shchita).

A tax receipt will be issued for the full amount of the sponsorship.

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