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Bar Mitzvah Club

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Discover what Bar Mitzvah is all about!  Learn to read the Torah! Join the Club!

The Bar Mitzvah programs offers a group settings and  one-on-one tutoring to prepare for reading the Torah and donning tefillin. The Bar Mitzvah program is open to all, regardless of whether or not you will be celebrating your Bar Mitzvah at a JRCC synagogue.


  Our Program 

In Judaism, turning 13 is very important: it’s when you become Bar Mitzvah—a Jewish adult. The goal of the Bar Mitzvah club is to teach you all about this stage of your life and why it’s so important.

The club will incorporate Hebrew reading, how to put on Tefillin, and prepare each child to read their individual portion of the Torah. Each club meeting will combine education and fun.

In addition to the club, which meets once a week, there will be a trip or event a few times over the year and a special Friday night dinner focused on Bar Mitzvah boys. But most of all, you will learn about what it really means to be Jewish, and why the most important Jewish teen in the world is…you.


Our Curriculum

There is a lot to get done in preparation for a boy's Bar Mitzvah. JRCC East Thornhill Bar Mitzvah program combines group learning and individual Hebrew reading lessons to make a boy's entrance into Jewish manhood enjoyable and meaningful. 

Hebrew reading: Each child's Hebrew reading level will be asessed, the first time he attends the club. They will continue on their own level to master the full Hebrew Alef bet together with all the vowels, guided by their instructor. When they are reading satisfactorily they will continue with the specific Torah portion for the week they will be called up to the Torah.
Putting on Tefillin: Each child will be taught how to put on Tefillin. They will be given the opportunity to learn how to place the straps on their head and arm and be guided to make the proper blessing in preparation for their Bar Mitzvah day.
Reading from the Torah: Each child will be given a specific portion of the Torah which they will be called up to read on the day of their Bar Mitzvah. They will be guided in class to read with the correct tune and pronunciation. Emphasis will also be placed on the blessings prior to reading from the Torah.

Club Meetings 

Club meetings are held:
at JRCC East Thornhill - 7608 Yonge St. #3. on Wednesdays from 5:45 PM to 7:00 PM. with Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman.
the Calendar of meetings is the same as the JRCC East Thornhill Hebrew school.


Rabbi Mendel Zaltzman:  [email protected] or 416.222.7105 ext. 227


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