Facility Rental

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    1. Photographer and/or Videographer: allowed on weekdays

    2. Guests and participants should be dressed in a way that respects the Synagogue.

    3. Refreshments and meal: we currently are exclusive with Yosef Mokir Shabbos Catering (Moshe: 647-228-6048). Absolute prohibition to bring any kind of food or cutlery and serving from home.

    4. No sticking tape or nailing decorations into the walls.

    5.   Layout: click here to print the layout sheet and put in there the tables, round or buffet, with chairs where you want them. We must have this a week before the event. 

    6. Music & Dancing: Music shall be Synagogue appropriate.. Music level shell be normal, keeping it at or below 50 DP. There will be no dancing of men and women together.  All dancing will be of men on one side of the partition and women on the other.

    7. Our screens system can be used for an additional $100. 

    8. A non refundable deposit of $150 should be paid to save to event date.

    9. In some cases (such as the use of our overhead speaker system), a security deposit will be requested. It will returned after the event, unless above rules were broken or damages was left behind.

    10. the rental fee must be paid in full by 24 hours before the event. 

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