JRCC of Yonge & Clark Torah Dedication

In memory of Meir Shlomo z"l Ben Menachem Mendel Zaltzman

shloimele torah icon.jpg

   We would like to thank all of you for love and friendship during this traumatic and very trying year for our family. Though we experienced an unfathomable loss with the passing of our dear Shloime’le, OB”M, we also feel that our family has expanded through the warmth and friendship of those who have been there for us.
   In our home, according to Jewish tradition, we began writing a Torah Scroll in memory of Shloime’le on his birthday this past October. The new Torah will be the first dedicated to our shul, the JRCC of Yonge & Clark in Thornhill, which has been using a borrowed one for the last 5 years.
   Our son’s name, Meir Shlomo, means “illumiating peace.” What greater way can there be to honor his brief, yet brilliant and pure life, than by adding more of the purity and light and peace of Torah into the world.
   We hope that you will share in this momentous occasion with us by contributing a letter, verse or portion to the writing of the Torah Scroll, and by celebrating its completion with us and our shul on his first Yahrzeit, May 16, 2010.
   With blessings for the imminent redemption and the coming of Moshiach.
 Rabbi Mendel and Chanie Zaltzman