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Dedication Opportunities

An opportunity to create an eternal legacy at the JRCC East Thornhill Community Centre.
All dedications will be recognized with a distinctive plaque next to the dedicated item/room. 

Fundraising goal: $3,240,000 

 Building Dedication $1,080,000








 Lecture Hall





 Social Hall



 Lobby (2)                         

$144,000 each








 Children's Room



 Washing Station





 Main Entrance Mezuzas (2)

$26,000  each


 Rabbi’s Office



 Rebbe’s Portrait






 Children's Library



 Meat Kitchen



 Holocaust Memorial





 IDF Fallen Heroes Memorial





 Handicap Accessibility





 Book Cabinets (2 of 4 available)  

$18,000 each

   Donor's wall


  Mezuzas (3 of 5 available)

$18,000 each


 Dairy Kitchen



Coat Closets (3 available)       

$18,000 each


 Coffee Area





All donors of the above dedications are automatically included in the Tree of Life

Tree of Life

 Gold Leaf $10,800

 Silver Leaf $5,400

  Bronze Leaf $3,600


  Donor's Tablet

 Bronze Brick $2,700

 Silver Brick $1,800

 Bronze Brick $1,080


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